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Our team consists of highly experienced professionals who bring with them a wealth of experience in the clinical, financial and administrative sectors of healthcare.  Our unique business model provides for onsite day-to-day operations management as well as core support staff who provide ancillary services, all with the goal of ensuring that each Center is not only developed according to current standards but also operates on a daily basis to maximize reimbursement and cost effective programs.

Edward P. HetrickPresident/Chief Executive Officer

Ellen M. Johnson – Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

Our Director of Clinical Services ensure that the clinical aspect of the development of a Center meets all current federal and state regulations as well as AORN, NANCI and ASPAN standards.  On an ongoing basis, each Clinical Director interfaces on a regular basis with assigned Centers to ensure that all clinical standards are maintained.  Additionally, the Directors act as resources for the Centers’ Directors of Nursing for any issues that pertain to clinical area of the Center.

Our Financial Administrator coordinates with each Site Administrator on the financial aspects as it pertains to the Center. This includes payroll, employee benefits, facility related insurances, and center based accounts payables. Additionally, this responsibility encompasses close interaction with each Center’s accounting firms by providing them with current financial information to enable them to properly execute financial and tax reports.

The Financial Operations division is responsible for the billing and budget for each Center. Working constantly with the Site Administrators, the Financial Operations Division ensures that all coding and billing are done in a timely manner. Additionally, all the information systems at each Center are monitored by this division. Our billing division then coordinates all activity necessary to ensure timely submission and prompt payment. They also monitor and negotiate managed care rates.

The Site Administrators are the eyes and ears of FDM, present at each Center that is managed by our Company.  They interface with all aspects of operations and the FDM team enjoys strong relationships with the Center’s Director of Nursing as well as all the Physician Members.